Utah State University

Gamma Kappa Alumni Foundation

The Gamma Kappa chapter house recently went through an extensive ground-up renovation, creating a beautiful legacy for all Gamma Kappa Sigs, past, present and future.  If you haven’t had a first-hand look at this work of art, make the trip to Logan and
see for yourself.  You’ll be moved beyond words.  


The house has also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a designation reserved for structures of geographical and historical importance.


As a result of these noteworthy events, the Gamma Kappa Alumni Association applied for and was given 501 (c) (3) non-profit status, and
is now the Gamma Kappa Alumni Foundation (GKAF). 


The Foundation exists to provide a secure future for the chapter house, which is at the heart of all of the memories we share as Gamma Kappa Sigs.


The financial mission of the new Foundation is:                                                                                    

o   To retire any outstanding debt on the property                                  

o   Provide money for GKAF’s Scholarship Fund

o   To create and fund a maintenance/capital improvement fund for the chapter house


The Foundation’s first order of business will be to retire the remaining $250,000 debt for the renovation of the house.  The goal will be to pay off this amount by September of 2016                                                                                               .


Board members of the Gamma Kappa Alumni Foundation are Doug Vilven ’72, Tyler McNeil ’71, Joe Walker ’69, Bob Wassom ’73,

Tom Crockett ’73, Dave Sorensen ’70, Jim Sorenson ’70, and Don Sorensen ’70.


Join us in the effort to preserve this priceless legacy.  To make your donation, click here.